One Word for Group of Words

‘One word substitutes’ या ‘One Word for Group of Words’ ऐसे शब्द है जो कई शब्दों के बदले बिना कोई अर्थ में बदलाव किये पृक्त किया जा सकते है l जैसे Father and Mother को एक शब्द में Parents कहा जा सकता है l निचे कुछ ‘One Word Substitutes’ दिए गए है-

Group of WordsOne Word
A path for runnersTrack
A child whose parents are dead orphan
Not cleanDirty
One who speaks too muchchatterbox
Not yet fully developed immature
A building where special objects are stored and
A feeling of amazementWonder
A person who writes the life of another
Shining Brightlygleaming
To say or think that someone did something
A person who shows the way to othersGuide
A loud cry of anger or fearscream
That which is sure to happen inevitable
Very unhappy or uncomfortableMiserable
Mother and fatherParents
A group of seven daysWeek
Unable to read or write illiterate
A man who remains unmarried bachelor
The action of allowing someone to do
A way to destinationroute
A person who hunts wild animalsHunter
A woman whose husband is dead widow
The colour of white and red mixed togetherPink
A person linving next doorNeighbour
 A man whose wife is dead widower
Feel fearAfraid
 That which cannot be seen invisible
A country other than one’s wonForeign
One’s native countryMotherland
A person who visits other countries for pleasure tourist
A raised platform, where actors performStage
A model that represents someoneEffigy
A person who always looks at the bright side
of things
A small body of still waterpond
That which cannot be heard inaudible
A person who always looks at the dark side of
To walk without a purposeWander
A Solemn promisepledge

One Word for Group of words-

One who goes on foot Pedestrian
A hundred years century
One who loves own country Patriot
A child whose parents are dead orphan
An intelligent and obedient machine like a man. Robot
Life of a person written by himself autobiography
A place of refuge recognized as secure. Sanctuary
Science of life and living things biology
One who doubts the truth and values of all
accepted ideas and beliefs.
Life history of a person written by another biography
The art of making dolls Sculpture
That which cannot be divided indivisible
Yearly return of the date of an event anniversary
A place where horses are kept. Stable
Words which have the same meaning Synonyms
Fit to be eaten edible
One who is all-powerful omnipotent
Two children born together. Twins
A person trained for sompeting in physical exercise
and outdoor  games
One who takes plant based diet and eats no
meat or fish.

One Word for Group of Words-

A woman whose husband is dead. Widow
A place where birds and animals are kept Zoo
The dead body of a human being corpse
Which does not favour anyone religion. Secular
That which is acclaimed as an excellent work. Classic
A traveller through outer space astronaut
 That may be easily set on fire inflammable
One who lives at the same time of another Contemporary
That which is fit to be eaten. Edible
Animals such as birds, sheep and goats keeping
together in large number.
A huge mass of snow moving slowly down the
valley and stopes.
The act of killing oneself suicide
One who is present everywhere omnipresent
One who studies the science of the sun,moon,stars,
and planets
A person who brings in goods from a foreign
A person who is a great lover of his country patriot
An operation performed on a dead body to find
out the cause of death
One who looks dark side of thingsPessimist
An artificial pond or tank for keeping and showing
living  fish
That cannot be seen with human eyesInvisible
 A person who represents his country’s economic,
political and other interests in another country
One who goes on a journey to a holy place pilgrim
Life story of a man written by himselfAutobiography

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